Saturday, November 7, 2009

Upcycled soap bottle tutorial

Here it very first tuuorial! I wasn't planning on making one so soon, but inspiration hit me and I ran with it!
This is a super simple project that anyone can do and results in a great way to fill the water on you iron. I saw a tip in a Handyman magazine that said to re-use old dish soap bottles to fill your iron. I loved the idea but hated the idea of looking at the original label. So I decorated the bottle a little with some paper scraps and Mod Podge!

Soap Bottle finished

Here is the super-easy tutorial!

Supplies needed:

Empty dish soap bottle
Mod Podge
Paintbruch to apply glue
Scrapbooking paper scraps

Step 1:

Aquire your empty soap bottle and thouroughly clean all soap out

Soap bottle

Step 2:

Peel off all labels. Don't worry about getting all of the icky sticky stuff off; your decoration will cover it.

Clean bottle

Step 3:

Choose your paper scraps, label or whatever you want to decorate your bottle. I chose a vintage bias tape wrapper.

Tag for soap bottle

Step 4:

Layer your label on top of coordinating scrapbooking paper to give it more dimension...and it looks cute too!


Step 5:

Apply Mod Podge to your bottle where you would like you decoration to go. Lay the paper down and coat the whole thing in Mod Podge, smoothing it as you go.
Let this dry and apply an additional layer of Mod Podge.

Mod podge

Step 6:

With a clean towel and some water, rub away any excess glue dried on your bottle

Clean off glue

Step 6: Fill with clean water and you are done!

Soap Tutorial

And a blurry action shot! Makes filling your iron easy!


So there it it! Sorry about the blurry phots; my camera and I