Wednesday, August 12, 2009

As promised...

My newly re-organized craft space!

I love to organize almost as much as I love sewing and crafting. It is so calming to me when everything is in its place. I had a blast working on this...even though there were a few mini meltdowns when things didn't work. But I pushed through and got to a point where I was satisfied.

I printed these super cute embroidery thread cards from Craft Chi and taped them to pieces of Manila folder. I thought it was a great idea, especially for my small amount of floss.

I used my Great-grandmother's sewing box to store my small collection of embroidery floss.

These wooden thread bobbins belonged to my Great-Grandmother. I inherited her collection of sewing supplies and fabrics. I love the mixture of colors in this!

I needed a spot to keep my ribbons, so I made this! I have seen many tutorials on ribbon storage so I modified this Ribbon box. I used a box that had Christmas cards in it and was very sturdy.

I decoupaged the top only because the bottom was a cool blue. I used knitting needle to hold the ribbon for lack of a better solution. I am going to get a wooden dowel eventually...but I kinda like the effect of the needle.

My sewing cabinet that I found on craigslist! I love it because it folds up, allowing me to sill move around the room.

I love the pegboard storage inside the cabinet because its perfect for my scissors and rulers.

I put and old CD tower in the cabinet and I am going to sew fabric boxes for each cubby

The ceiling was so bare! So I hung up some fabric that inspires me. The good thing about doing this...I can change the fabric whenever I feel like it!

There is still a lot I want to do to this area. I love my solid wooden chest of drawers, but I need more jars for the top of it. I also want to decoupage the mail holder and maybe paint the chest of drawers? What do you think?

My fabric stash in a semi-organized state. Eventually I would like to have it in bins or Fabric Organizers

And them some simple decorations. I haven't knit in ages, but I love my needle collection!

Embroidery hoop art

I saw this embroidery hoop display tutorial over at So Lovely Creations, and I just had to give it a try. I love it and now I want more!

So that's my work in progress. All in all I only spent about $10 doing this! I bought a couple shelves and embroidery hoops. There is so much more I would like to do!



  1. I love it, Erin. Methinks you need to come visit me and help me organize (haha I know right?) since I am like, the least organized person ever.

    I love what your brain comes up with! Keep it up!

  2. That is really inspiring and amazing, rinno! I love to see all the pics that you post. I REALLY like that Idea of putting fabric on the ceiling. It's better than paint because you can change it any time.

  3. Hi Erin -
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your spools of thread in the tall jar. I have tons, and tons, and tons of them - and just didn't know what to do with them. Unfortunately, I don't have a room dedicated to sewing (unless you count my dining room - bless my husband, he doesn't complain that we don't actually "dine" in there) - but maybe I could display them somewhere else in the house.
    Cute blog!

  4. looking great!!! so organised, very jealous! :)

  5. Awesome! I love organizing my craft stuff too. Very soothing.

  6. what a wonderfully inspiring space~Love it!

  7. I've been put to shame. I gotta go clean...