Thursday, September 1, 2011

Organizing: My hutch

I love my hutch, even if it is still brown :)

What I did not like about my hutch was the lack of functional organization it had. All of my cookbooks, kid's craft stuff, and other random books were thrown inside in a jumbled mess. I didn't get out the coloring and painting activities as much as I should have because it was just such a hassle! Something needed to change.

Here is my hutch before the change:

And here it is after!

There is still a spot for my cookbooks, but the rest of the shelves are devoted to the kids. Underneath I keep my re-usable shopping bags and there is a bin for my cloth napkins and a bin for paper lunch bags and paper plates.

The blue and green bins are from the dollar store. There is a bin for crayons, a bin for stickers and stamps, a bin for bubbles, a bin for paint, ect. Now it is much easier to grab what we need and even easier to clean it up! We have been coloring and painting a ton more since doing this.

I am still planning on painting my hutch. Maybe something like this:


  1. I am working on re-finishing my hutch right now. You should just go for it - I am loving that blue color, especially with that cool background.

  2. Having all that space to tuck things away is awesome! Looks great.

  3. Love all the colorful bins! So much fun! And it looks great and it should be a breeze to maintain!