Saturday, March 19, 2011

A temporary fix...

I have been dying to re-do the hutch in my "dining room", but the lack of sunshine has made that impossible. My "dining room" consists of one corner of my kitchen...not a room at all, but it is what we have for now.

So while I wait for the sunshine, I covered the windows in a cute vintage fabric.

And of course it is messy inside, and organizing it is my next project!

I also painted my spoon and fork red!

Here they are before:

And here they are after:

My husband thinks they are silly, but my great grandmother had a set when I was younger and I have always wanted my own. They are one of my favorite things in my house!

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  1. I love how you painted them red. What a nice burst of color.
    If you get a sec, check me out. I just started blogging today:)

  2. Hi Erin, stopping over from Tatertots and Jello. My husband thinks the same things about the fork and spoon, but I think they're fun and whimsical! ;) And I love that your great grandmother had them too! The pop of color from those and the hutch is great!

    Mara @ Super Savings

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  4. The fork and spoon are fabulous! Hubby's just don't seem to know much when it comes to decorating...LOL!!

    Take care,

  5. I love your new blog design!! Love your pics, too, creative girl.

  6. I love your hutch, you are so lucky you have one. My husband is the same way, they don't get it.

  7. I have a spoon and fork too! They are smaller than yours - but they have faces. lol. I like the red a lot - I might have to paint mine!

    The hutch looks cute with the fabric.

  8. Very pretty! It's a great idea to cover the windows in the cabinet with fabric. How did you do it? Did you use mod podge or would that leave streaks?

    Btw, just wanted you to know that you are the winner of my $35 CSN giveaway!! :D I'll email you the gift code in a second. Thanks for entering and for putting my button on your sidebar!

  9. Yay! Thanks Lauren!
    I actually stapled it in there for the time being. I am planning on fixing the whole thing up this summer. I didn't even think about using mod podge! I just kinda went for it!

  10. I love how you put the fabric in the hutch. What a beautiful and creative touch. Great for making it in to a storage hutch, yet it's pretty in and of itself.

    Tracy All Thumbs Crafts